Angelbird Match Pack for URSA Mini | 2 PACK


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Angelbird Match Pack for URSA Mini | 2 PACK

Introducing the Angelbird Match Pack for URSA Mini - a cutting-edge 2-pack of memory cards meticulously designed to optimize and revolutionize your URSA Mini shooting experience. Available exclusively online from Mojo Computers, this Match Pack is a powerhouse of advanced features, ensuring that your storage capabilities match the high-performance demands of your URSA Mini camera.

Key Features:

  • ESD & Overload Protection: This memory card is not just a storage solution; it's a fortress against potential damage. Equipped with Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and overload protection, the Match Pack ensures robust performance even in the face of challenging environments, providing you with the confidence to shoot in any condition.

  • Stable Stream Technology: Capture every frame with confidence, thanks to Stable Stream technology. This innovative feature guarantees a reliable and consistent stream of data, essential for seamless video recording in high-resolution formats. Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to uninterrupted creativity.

  • EDC/ECC Data Reliability: Your data's integrity is paramount. The Angelbird Match Pack for URSA Mini | 2 PACK in LA employs Error Detection and Correction (EDC) and Error Checking and Correction (ECC) technologies, minimizing the risk of data corruption and providing enhanced reliability during critical shoots.

  • Over Provisioning (~7.6%): Future-proof your storage needs with approximately 7.6% over provisioning. This feature ensures sustained performance and longevity, making the Match Pack a reliable companion for professional video recording where consistency and endurance are non-negotiable.

  • Temperature Sensor: Adaptability is key, and the built-in temperature sensor does just that. Monitoring and regulating the operating temperature, ensures optimal performance under varying environmental conditions, allowing you to focus on your creative process without concerns about the storage's stability.

  • TRIM and EMS Protection: With TRIM support and Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) protection, the Angelbird Match Pack for URSA Mini | 2 PACK in LA is designed for the long haul. These features contribute to the longevity and stability of your storage, providing peace of mind for critical applications and prolonged use.

  • Built-in Cache: Speed meets efficiency with the built-in cache, enhancing data transfer speeds and optimizing the overall performance of your URSA Mini. Smooth and swift data handling ensures you never miss a crucial moment during your shoots.

  • SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology): Stay one step ahead with SMART technology. This real-time monitoring system keeps you informed about the health of your Match Pack, enabling proactive maintenance to ensure continuous reliability and performance.

  • MTBF of 2.0 Million Hours: Designed for durability and reliability, the Match Pack boasts an impressive Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 2.0 million hours, ensuring consistent performance over extended periods of use.

  • 10 Years of Data Retention at 77°F: Trust in long-term storage with the assurance of 10 years of data retention at 77°F. Your valuable content remains securely stored in the Angelbird Match Pack for URSA Mini | 2 PACK in LA, providing peace of mind for the longevity of your creative endeavours.

  • Operating Shock Resistance (50 g) and Vibration Resistance (3.1 g): Built to endure the challenges of professional use, the Match Pack boasts an operating shock resistance of 50 g and an operating vibration resistance of 3.1 g. Move freely and capture confidently in any shooting scenario.

  • Limited 3-Year Warranty: The Match Pack comes with the backing of a limited 3-year warranty. However, to activate this warranty, registration on Angelbird's Personal Service Portal within 30 days of purchase is essential. Make sure the money you invest is safe for many years to come.

  • Mojo Computers Exclusive: Purchase the Angelbird Match Pack for URSA Mini | 2 PACK in LA exclusively from Mojo Computers, your trusted online destination for high-quality photography and videography gear. Benefit from this exclusive offer and take your URSA Mini shooting experience to new heights.

Upgrade your URSA Mini experience with the Angelbird Match Pack. Order online from Mojo Computers and enjoy unparalleled reliability, advanced features, and the assurance of a limited 3-year warranty. Capture without limits and let your creativity soar!