BenQ SW271C 27" 16:9 4K HDR IPS Monitor


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BenQ SW271C 27" 16:9 4K HDR IPS Monitor

Step into a realm of unrivaled color accuracy and visual precision with the BenQ SW271C 27" 16:9 4K HDR IPS Monitor in LA, available for seamless online purchase at Mojo Computers. Meticulously designed for professionals and enthusiasts seeking excellence in video editing, photo editing, graphic design, and more, this monitor sets new standards in color reproduction and image fidelity.

Key Features:

  • 99% Adobe RGB Color Space Coverage: Immerse yourself in an expansive color spectrum with an impressive 99% coverage of the Adobe RGB color space. From vibrant reds to subtle blues, every hue is faithfully reproduced, ensuring your visuals are rendered with the utmost precision.

  • Wide Color Space Support: The BenQ SW271C 27" 16:9 4K HDR IPS Monitor in LA goes beyond expectations by covering 100% of the sRGB and Rec.709 color spaces. This extensive coverage ensures consistency and accuracy across various color standards. Additionally, the monitor boasts 90% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, meeting the demands of professionals engaged in high-end color work.

  • Native Cadence Playback: Enjoy the fluidity of native cadence playback, with support for 24p, 25p, and 30p videos. This feature ensures that your video content is displayed at its native cadence, preserving the filmmaker's intended vision for a more authentic viewing experience.

  • 4K HDR Resolution: Elevate your visual creations with the brilliance of the 4K HDR resolution of the BenQ SW271C 27" 16:9 4K HDR IPS Monitor in LA. Experience images that are not only more detailed but also more realistic, thanks to High Dynamic Range (HDR) support for HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG). Watch your content come to life with enhanced contrast and vivid colors.

Enhance Your Visual Creations:

The BenQ SW271C is more than a monitor; it's a powerful tool that elevates your visual creations with unparalleled precision, accuracy, and brilliance. Purchase this advanced monitor online from Mojo Computers and embark on a journey where every pixel contributes to a masterpiece. Immerse yourself in a world of true colors, where your creativity is boundless, and every detail is showcased with the excellence that defines BenQ's commitment to display technology. Transform your workspace into a haven of precision and creativity with the BenQ SW271C 27" 16:9 4K HDR IPS Monitor in LA, and redefine the way you perceive and create visuals.