Benro BV6 PRO Tripod Kit


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Benro BV6 PRO Tripod Kit

Immerse yourself in professional video production with the Benro BV6 PRO Tripod Kit, available for seamless online purchase from Mojo Computers. This comprehensive kit features the Benro BV6 Pro head paired with a 2-stage/3-section tripod, complete with a removable mid-level spreader. Designed to support cameras and accessories weighing up to 8.8 pounds, this system incorporates a 75mm ball/bowl fitting for enhanced stability, providing a reliable foundation for your video recording endeavors.

Key Features:

  • BV6 Pro Video Head: The Benro BV6 PRO Tripod Kit in LA includes the feature-rich Benro BV6 Pro head, equipped with a 7-step counterbalance system (1 to 7 plus 0) to dial in the correct amount for your specific camera setup. Achieve optimal balance effortlessly for smooth and controlled movements.

  • 2-Stage/3-Section Tripod: The Benro BV6 PRO Tripod Kit in LA features a durable 2-stage/3-section design, providing stability and versatility for your video production needs. The removable mid-level spreader adds an extra layer of support, ensuring reliable performance in various shooting scenarios.

  • High Weight Capacity: This video tripod kit is engineered to support cameras and accessories weighing up to 8.8 pounds. Enjoy the flexibility to use a diverse range of equipment while maintaining stability and control.

  • 75mm Ball/Bowl Fitting: The inclusion of a 75mm ball/bowl fitting enhances stability and ensures a secure connection between the head and the tripod. This feature is crucial for achieving smooth and precise camera movements during video recording.

  • Independent Pan and Tilt Drag Settings: Take control of your camera movements with the independent 4-step (1 to 3 plus 0) pan and tilt drag settings of the Benro BV6 PRO Tripod Kit in LA. Fine-tune your shots with precision, ensuring your video recordings meet the highest standards of quality.

  • Manfrotto 501/504PL Compatible Quick Release Plate: The kit includes a sliding quick release plate that is compatible with Manfrotto 501/504PL systems. This feature facilitates quick and secure camera attachment and removal, streamlining your workflow.

Elevate your video production capabilities with the Benro BV6 PRO Tripod Kit in LA. Purchase this advanced system online from Mojo Computers and experience the perfect blend of stability, precision, and versatility tailored to the needs of professional videographers.