Jupio Battery Grip for Canon EOS R / Ra (BG-E22)


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Jupio Battery Grip for Canon EOS R / Ra (BG-E22)

Elevate your photography experience with the Jupio Battery Grip for Canon EOS R / Ra (BG-E22) in LA, now conveniently available for online purchase at Mojo Computers. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your Canon EOS R or Ra camera, this battery grip is a powerful accessory that enhances both your shooting capacity and overall handling.

Key Features:

  • Extended Power for Prolonged Shoots: Unleash the full potential of your Canon EOS R or Ra with the Jupio Battery Grip. Accommodating two additional LP-E6/LP-E6N batteries, it effectively doubles your shooting capacity. This is especially valuable during extended photo sessions or video shoots, ensuring you capture every moment without interruption.

  • Enhanced Ergonomics for Comfort: Immerse yourself in the shooting experience with the battery grip's ergonomic design. The additional grip area not only provides enhanced comfort during vertical shooting but also contributes to improved stability, allowing you to maintain control over your camera for extended periods.

  • Dedicated Controls for Seamless Operation: Enjoy a seamless transition between horizontal and vertical shooting modes with integrated duplicate buttons and dials. The battery grip provides convenient access to essential camera controls, allowing you to maintain creative control without compromise.

  • Robust Construction for Professional Use: Crafted with durability in mind, the Jupio Battery Grip for Canon EOS R / Ra (BG-E22) in LA is built with high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of professional use. Whether you're shooting in challenging outdoor environments or controlled studio settings, this battery grip is designed to deliver longevity and reliability.

  • Effortless Battery Loading: Streamline your workflow with the user-friendly battery compartment design. Swapping out batteries becomes a quick and effortless task, ensuring you stay focused on capturing the perfect shot without unnecessary delays.

  • Tripod Mount Compatibility for Stability: Benefit from the built-in tripod mount that maintains stability and balance even when using a tripod. This feature proves invaluable for scenarios requiring long exposure shots, studio setups, or any situation where stability is paramount.

  • Secure Attachment for Worry-Free Shooting: The Jupio Battery Grip for Canon EOS R / Ra (BG-E22) in LA securely attaches to your Canon EOS R or Ra camera, establishing a stable connection that minimizes wobbling or movement during use. This secure attachment contributes to a worry-free shooting experience, allowing you to focus on your creative vision.

  • Consistent and Reliable Performance: Experience consistent and reliable performance with the Jupio Battery Grip, ensuring that your camera is always ready to capture the perfect shot. The added power and convenience make it an indispensable accessory for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Upgrade your Canon EOS R or Ra with the Jupio Battery Grip for extended power, improved handling, and added convenience. Purchase the Jupio Battery Grip for Canon EOS R / Ra (BG-E22) in LA online from Mojo Computers to unlock a new level of shooting capabilities and elevate your photography endeavors.