Nanlite Forza 200 LED Monolight


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Nanlite Forza 200 LED Monolight

Step into a realm of brilliant illumination with the Nanlite Forza 200 LED Monolight, a cutting-edge lighting fixture available for seamless online purchase from Mojo Computers. Impeccably designed in a monolight style, this LED powerhouse is engineered to deliver unparalleled output within a compact and efficient footprint, providing photographers and videographers with a versatile and powerful lighting solution.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Power Output: Despite its lightweight design, the Nanlite Forza 200 LED Monolight in LA boasts an impressive total weight of only 8.9 lbs, delivering a formidable output of up to 21460 Lumens. Experience exceptional brightness, with 37540 Lux @ 1 meter at 5600K, ensuring your subjects are bathed in brilliant, consistent light.

  • Color Fidelity Excellence: Revel in true-to-life colors with an outstanding Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) of 98/97. The Forza 200 ensures that your images and videos exhibit accurate and vibrant color reproduction, capturing every detail with precision.

  • Dimming Precision: Exercise absolute control over your lighting environment with the Nanlite Forza 200 LED Monolight in LA's 0-100% dimming feature. Fine-tune the intensity of the light to match the mood and requirements of your creative vision, ranging from subtle ambient lighting to powerful bursts of brilliance.

  • Consistent Color Temperature: Maintain unwavering color temperature stability with the Forza 200's fixed color temperature of 5600K. Whether you're shooting in a controlled studio setting or a dynamic outdoor environment, expect reliable and accurate lighting every time.

  • Advanced Connectivity: Elevate your lighting control with the Nanlite Forza 200 LED Monolight in LA's DMX connectivity, seamlessly integrating it into advanced lighting setups. Achieve synchronized and coordinated lighting effects effortlessly for a professional touch to your projects.

  • Creative Special Effects: Expand your creative horizons with the Forza 200's palette of 11 preprogrammed special effects. Experiment with effects such as pulsing, strobing, and flickering, adding dynamic and visually striking elements to your shots.

  • Versatile Modifier Compatibility: Adapt to diverse shooting scenarios effortlessly with the Forza 200's native Bowens style modifier mount. This versatility allows you to utilize a wide range of modifiers, giving you the flexibility to shape and control your light for various creative applications.

Illuminate your subjects with precision and creativity using the Nanlite Forza 200 LED Monolight in LA. Purchase this innovative lighting solution online from Mojo Computers and experience the perfect blend of compact design and professional-grade performance. Elevate your creative endeavours with the brilliance of the Forza 200.