Nanlite Pavotube 30C 4ft Tube 4pc Kit


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Nanlite Pavotube 30C 4ft Tube 4pc Kit

Elevate your lighting game with the Nanlite PavoTube 30C 4ft Tube 4pc Kit, now available for purchase at Mojo Computers. Revolutionize your creative lighting setups with these versatile and unobtrusive LED tubes, boasting a myriad of innovative features:

Key Features:

  • Compact and Discreet: Embrace unobtrusive lighting solutions with a slim 1.9" diameter and a T12 form factor. These Nanlite Pavotube 30C 4ft Tube 4pc Kit in LA are meticulously designed to seamlessly fit into small spaces on a set or enhance your shooting experience in confined environments like cars, boats, or planes.

  • Comprehensive Kit: Unlock a world of possibilities with the Nanlite Pavotube 30C 4ft Tube 4pc Kit in LA, featuring four PavoTube 30C 4' LED Lights. Each light comes accompanied by essential accessories, including AC adapters, mounting clips, and a convenient carrying bag.

  • Sync Cord Connectivity: Effortlessly achieve synchronized lighting effects by utilizing the included sync cords. Connect the lights seamlessly, ensuring a unified and coordinated lighting setup that enhances your creative vision.

  • Efficient Illumination: Experience powerful and efficient lighting output with each PavoTube 30C, providing a maximum of 2850 lumens. Strike the perfect balance between brightness and flexibility for a wide range of creative lighting scenarios.

  • Adaptable Form Factor: The T12 form factor ensures easy integration into your existing lighting setup, offering versatility whether you're enhancing your studio environment or embarking on a mobile shoot.

  • Versatile Usage: Unleash your creativity with RGBW LED technology. Adjust the color temperature from 6500K to 2700K, dim the lights from 0 to 100%, and explore the full RGB spectrum for dynamic, eye-catching effects that bring your scenes to life.

  • Portable Convenience: Take your lighting setup on the go with the included carrying bag. The portable and lightweight design ensures that you can carry your lighting solution wherever your creative endeavors take you.

Revolutionize your lighting experience with the Nanlite Pavotube 30C 4ft Tube 4pc Kit in LA. Purchase this versatile and powerful lighting solution online from Mojo Computers and witness the transformation of your photography and videography with precision, adaptability, and creative flair. Illuminate your scenes with unmatched versatility and style.