Rode VideoMic NTG Hybrid Analog/USB Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone


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Rode VideoMic NTG Hybrid Analog/USB Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone

Elevate your audio recording capabilities with the Rode VideoMic NTG, available for seamless online purchase from Mojo Computers. Designed for vloggers, run-and-gun filmmakers, voiceover artists, and podcasters, this hybrid analog/USB camera-mount shotgun microphone delivers the exceptional sound quality of the highly acclaimed NTG shotguns. Enjoy the convenience of a versatile microphone that effortlessly interfaces with cameras, mobile devices, and computers, providing an all-in-one solution for your diverse recording needs.

Key Features:

  • Vlogger, Run & Gun, Voiceover, Podcaster: Tailored to meet the demands of various content creators, the Rode VideoMic NTG Hybrid Analog/USB Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone in LA is suitable for vlogging, run-and-gun filmmaking, voiceovers, and podcasting. Its adaptability makes it an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications.
  • For Cameras, Mobile Devices & Computers: Benefit from the microphone's universal compatibility, seamlessly integrating with cameras, mobile devices, tablets, portable recorders, and USB-equipped computers. Enjoy a versatile solution that suits your preferred recording setup.
  • 30-Hour USB Rechargeable Battery: The built-in USB rechargeable battery of the Rode VideoMic NTG Hybrid Analog/USB Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone in LA provides an impressive 30 hours of continuous operation, ensuring that you have ample recording time for extended sessions. Experience the convenience of a reliable power source that can be easily recharged for optimal performance.
  • Variable Gain, Pad, Roll-Off & HF Boost: Customize your audio recording settings with variable gain, pad, roll-off, and high-frequency boost options. These features allow you to adapt the microphone to different environments and recording scenarios, providing flexibility and control over your sound.
  • USB Out or 3.5mm Out with Safety Channel: Choose between USB output or 3.5mm output with a safety channel, offering versatility in connectivity. Select the option that best suits your recording device and enjoy seamless compatibility for an efficient recording workflow.
  • Power Switch with LED and Auto On/Off: The power switch with LED indicator and auto on/off functionality enhances user convenience. Easily power on the microphone, monitor its status through the LED indicator and benefit from automatic on/off functionality for efficient energy management.
  • Peak Warning LED: The peak warning LED provides a visual indication of audio peaks, allowing you to monitor and adjust your recording levels in real time. Maintain optimal audio quality and prevent distortion with this valuable visual feedback.
  • Windscreen Reduces Wind Noise: Included with the microphone, the windscreen effectively reduces wind noise, ensuring that your outdoor recordings remain clear and free from disturbances. Capture professional-quality audio even in challenging outdoor conditions.
  • Includes Shoe/Pole Shockmount: The Rode VideoMic NTG Hybrid Analog/USB Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone in LA comes complete with a shoe/pole shockmount, providing effective shock absorption to minimize vibrations and handling noise. Securely mount the microphone on your camera or a boom pole for stable and professional recording.
Transform your audio recording experience with the Rode VideoMic NTG Hybrid Analog/USB Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone in LA. Secure your online purchase from Mojo Computers and enjoy the superior sound quality and versatile features that this microphone brings to your creative endeavors.