Rokinon 135mm T2.2 Cine DS Lens for Nikon F Mount


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Rokinon 135mm T2.2 Cine DS Lens for Nikon F Mount

Immerse yourself in the world of cinematic excellence with the Rokinon 135mm T2.2 Cine DS Lens for Nikon F Mount in LA, available for seamless online purchase at Mojo Computers. Tailored for filmmakers and cinematographers, this lens is a testament to precision and optical mastery, designed to elevate your storytelling and cinematography.

Key Features:

  • Cinematic 135mm Focal Length: Explore the versatility of a 135mm focal length, ideal for capturing distant subjects and achieving stunning compression in your cinematic shots.

  • Nikon F Mount Compatibility: Engineered specifically for Nikon F Mount cameras, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance for a wide range of filmmaking applications.

  • Multi-Layer Coating: Experience consistent colour rendition from lens to lens with the multi-layer coating process. This reduces flare, enhances contrast, and ensures uniformity across your lens collection, providing a cohesive visual narrative in your cinematic projects.

  • Standard Gearing for Focus and Iris: Enjoy standardised gearing for both focus and iris controls, facilitating easy integration with follow focus systems and other cine-style accessories. This ensures smooth and precise control over your shots, empowering you to tell your story with finesse.

  • Dual Side Focus and T-Stop Scales: Enhance your workflow with dual side focus and T-stop scales, allowing for easy adjustments and providing a clear visual reference for your focus and exposure settings during filming.

  • De-Clicked Aperture Ring: Immerse your audience in a silent and fluid cinematic experience with the de-clicked aperture ring of the Rokinon 135mm T2.2 Cine DS Lens for Nikon F Mount in LA. This eliminates unwanted noise during aperture adjustments, enabling seamless transitions between exposure settings mid-shot.

  • Hybrid Aspherical Lenses: Benefit from the optical excellence of hybrid aspherical lenses, delivering sharpness, clarity, and minimal distortions for professional-grade image quality in your cinematic projects.

  • Manual Focus and Aperture: Engage in hands-on control with manual focus and aperture adjustments, providing filmmakers with the precision and artistic control needed to shape the narrative and bring their cinematic vision to life.

  • Removable Lens Hood: Customise your shooting setup with the removable lens hood, offering additional light control and protection for your lens during various shooting conditions.

  • Accepts 77mm Threaded Filter Rings: Expand your creative possibilities with a lens that accepts 77mm threaded filter rings, allowing you to experiment with filters for unique visual effects in your cinematic storytelling.

Elevate your filmmaking experience with the Rokinon 135mm T2.2 Cine DS Lens for Nikon F Mount in LA. Secure your lens online from Mojo Computers today and discover the unparalleled precision, control, and image quality it brings to your cinematic endeavours. Capture moments with cinematic finesse, turning every frame into a masterpiece.