Rokinon 8mm T/3.8 Fisheye Cine Lens for Canon


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Rokinon 8mm T/3.8 Fisheye Cine Lens for Canon

Enhance your DSLR video shooting capabilities with the Rokinon 8mm T/3.8 Fisheye Cine Lens, available for purchase online at Mojo Computers. Crafted with precision for Canon DSLR cameras, this lens is designed to deliver exceptional results, making it an ideal choice for videographers seeking high-quality footage.

Key Features:

  • Designed for DSLR Video Shooting: Tailored specifically for DSLR video shooting, this Rokinon lens is optimized to meet the demands of videographers. Capture cinematic footage with ease, bringing your creative vision to life.

  • Ideal with APS-C Sensors: The Rokinon 8mm T/3.8 Fisheye Cine Lens for Canon in LA is perfectly suited for APS-C sensors, providing an optimal focal length that ensures outstanding performance on compatible camera systems. This makes it a versatile choice for a variety of shooting scenarios.

  • De-clicked Aperture: Enjoy seamless aperture adjustments during video recording with the de-clicked aperture feature. Achieve smooth transitions between aperture settings without introducing disruptive clicks, allowing for precise exposure control.

  • 180º Angle of View: Immerse your audience in a unique visual experience with the expansive 180º angle of view. Capture sweeping landscapes, dynamic scenes, or creative perspectives that add depth and interest to your videos.

  • Built-In Petal Type Lens Hood: The Rokinon 8mm T/3.8 Fisheye Cine Lens for Canon in LA comes equipped with a built-in petal-type lens hood, providing protection from stray light and minimizing lens flare. This feature ensures that your video footage remains clear, vibrant, and free from unwanted artifacts.

  • Toothed Aperture and Focus Rings: The toothed aperture and focus rings enhance the lens's compatibility with follow-focus systems, allowing for precise and consistent adjustments. This design caters to the specific needs of videographers who demand accuracy in their focus and aperture control.

  • For Canon DSLR Cameras: Specifically designed for Canon DSLR cameras, the Rokinon 8mm T/3.8 Fisheye Cine Lens in LA seamlessly integrates with your Canon setup, delivering reliable and high-quality performance for your video projects.

Unleash Cinematic Brilliance:

Transform your video projects into cinematic masterpieces with the Rokinon 8mm T/3.8 Fisheye Cine Lens for Canon in LA. Order online from Mojo Computers to elevate your videography to new heights. With its dedicated features for video shooting and compatibility with Canon DSLRs, this lens is a valuable addition to your filmmaking toolkit. Immerse your audience in visually stunning narratives, capturing every detail with precision and creativity.