Rokinon Xeen 135mm T2.2 Lens with PL Mount


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Rokinon Xeen 135mm T2.2 Lens with PL Mount

Elevate your filmmaking endeavors with the Rokinon Xeen 135mm T2.2 Lens, meticulously crafted for cinematic excellence. Acquire this exceptional lens effortlessly from Mojo Computers, and let your creativity shine through in every frame.

Key Features:

  • Full-Frame Sensor Coverage (135mm): Immerse yourself in the expansive world of full-frame cinematography as the Rokinon Xeen 135mm T2.2 Lens with PL Mount in LA provides comprehensive sensor coverage. Capture breathtaking visuals and intricate details with ease.

  • Internal Focus Design: Seamless focusing takes center stage with the lens's internal focus design, ensuring that the lens size remains constant during adjustments. This feature not only minimizes breathing but also maintains the integrity of your compositions, allowing for undisturbed visual storytelling.

  • Multi-Coating for Color Consistency: Delve into a realm of vibrant and true-to-life colors with the multi-coating technology. Enhance image quality, achieve color consistency, and bring your cinematic vision to life with every frame.

  • Dual-Side Focus and T-Stop Scales: Precision meets efficiency with dual-side scales for both focus and T-stop. Swift and accurate adjustments are at your fingertips, providing the versatility required for dynamic filmmaking scenarios.

  • 11-Blade Iris: Unleash the beauty of bokeh and achieve seamlessly blended out-of-focus areas with the 11-blade iris. This feature adds a cinematic touch to your visuals, creating a sense of depth and dimension that captivates your audience.

  • Cinema Gearing for Focus and Iris: Seamlessly integrate the Rokinon Xeen 135mm T2.2 Lens with PL Mount in LA into your cinematic setup with dedicated cinema gearing for both focus and iris. Ensure compatibility with standard accessories and enjoy the ease of controlled adjustments, streamlining your filmmaking process.

  • Manual Focus & Iris Control: Take command of your composition with manual control over focus and iris settings. Tailor your adjustments to match your creative vision, putting you in the director's seat of your filmmaking narrative.

  • 200° Focus Rotation: Fine-tune your focus with a generous 200° rotation, providing the precision necessary for capturing razor-sharp details in every shot. Whether it's a nuanced facial expression or a distant landscape, this Rokinon Xeen 135mm T2.2 Lens with PL Mount in LA delivers unparalleled focus control.

  • 40° Iris Rotation: Effortlessly manipulate your aperture settings with a 40° iris rotation. Control the depth of field with precision, allowing you to craft scenes with the desired visual impact and storytelling emphasis.

  • 114mm Front Diameter: The lens's substantial 114mm front diameter accommodates a variety of accessories, ensuring compatibility with a range of professional filmmaking equipment. Expand your creative possibilities with ease.

Meticulously designed and crafted, the Rokinon Xeen 135mm T2.2 Lens stands as the epitome of uncompromising quality and performance. Secure your piece of cinematic brilliance by ordering this exceptional Rokinon Xeen 135mm T2.2 Lens with PL Mount in LA online from Mojo Computers, and embark on a cinematic journey where every frame tells a story of creativity and precision.