Rokinon Xeen 35mm T1.5 Lens for Canon EF Mount


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Rokinon Xeen 35mm T1.5 Lens for Canon EF Mount

Embark on a journey into the realm of professional cinematography with the Rokinon Xeen 35mm T1.5 Lens, meticulously designed to elevate your filmmaking experience with Canon EF Mount cameras. Available for seamless online purchase from Mojo Computers, this lens is not just a tool; it's a statement of precision engineering and creative control, setting a new standard for filmmakers and content creators alike.

Key Features:

  • 35mm Lens Covers Full-Frame Sensors: Immerse yourself in the expansive world of full-frame cinematography. The 35mm focal length provides breathtaking coverage, ensuring exceptional clarity and detail in every frame. Capture visuals with a level of precision that brings your cinematic vision to life.

  • Internal Focus Design: Experience the seamless art of focusing with the internal focus design. This innovative feature ensures that the Rokinon Xeen 35mm T1.5 Lens for Canon EF Mount in LA maintains a consistent size during focusing, minimizing the distracting appearance of breathing when adjusting focus settings. Enjoy smooth and uninterrupted shots, allowing your storytelling to take center stage.

  • Multi-Coating for Color Consistency: Elevate your image quality with advanced multi-coating technology. This feature goes beyond reducing flare; it enhances contrast and ensures color consistency across every frame. Revel in vibrant and true-to-life visuals that add depth and richness to your cinematic narrative.

  • Dual-Side Focus and T-Stop Scales: Boost your operational efficiency with dual-side markings for both focus and T-stop values. This thoughtful design of the Rokinon Xeen 35mm T1.5 Lens for Canon EF Mount in LA simplifies adjustments, providing the accuracy and precision required throughout your filmmaking process. Enhance your creative workflow with intuitive controls.

  • 11-Blade Iris: Sculpt your visuals with stunning bokeh effects and precise depth of field control, courtesy of the 11-blade iris. Capture cinematic moments with smooth and appealing background blur, adding an artistic touch to your footage that resonates with the highest standards of visual storytelling.

  • Cinema Gearing for Focus and Iris: Seamlessly integrate into your cinematic setup with cinema gearing for both focus and iris control. This design choice ensures compatibility with a comprehensive range of professional accessories, offering unparalleled versatility in your creative toolkit.

  • 200° Focus Rotation: Refine your focus with an extensive 200° focus rotation. This level of control allows for precise and nuanced adjustments, empowering you to capture every moment with exceptional clarity and detail. Whether focusing on intricate details or sweeping landscapes, this lens delivers uncompromising precision.

  • 114mm Front Diameter: Immerse yourself fully in the cinematic experience with a substantial 114mm front diameter. This design not only adds a touch of professionalism to your setup but also ensures compatibility with a variety of matte boxes and accessories, providing you with a truly versatile cinematic toolkit.

Precision Crafted for Cinematic Excellence:

The Rokinon Xeen 35mm T1.5 Lens for Canon EF Mount in LA is not just a lens; it's a precision-crafted instrument designed for cinematic excellence. Meticulously built features such as internal focus, multi-coating, and cinema gearing make this lens stand out as a beacon of quality in the world of cinematography.

Immerse yourself in the art of filmmaking with the Rokinon Xeen 35mm T1.5 Lens. Order now from Mojo Computers and redefine your cinematic storytelling with uncompromising precision and creative freedom.