Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Unlocked



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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Unlocked

Explore a new dimension of innovation with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, an unlocked smartphone designed to redefine your mobile experience. Available for purchase online from Mojo Computers, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 seamlessly combines style and functionality, offering a pocket-sized device that's ready for big moves.

Key Features:

  • Compact Form and Foldable Display: The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is perfectly pocket-sized, featuring a compact form and foldable display that opens up countless new ways to capture your best moments in style.

  • Flex Mode Camera: Easily capture post-worthy solo shots with the Flex Mode Camera, allowing your phone to stand on its own. Enjoy hands-free selfies, record dance moves, and never worry about a makeshift tripod falling over again.

  • Flex Mode: Multitask effortlessly with Flex Mode, enabling you to catch up with friends on the top screen while finding the perfect photo to post on the bottom screen.

  • Customizable Cover Screen: The cover screen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Unlocked in LA is customizable, offering a private view of essential information. Respond to texts, skip songs, and change settings while keeping your phone conveniently compact.

  • Pocketability/Compactness: Bid farewell to bulk with the compact, foldable design that allows you to slide your phone into your front pocket, perfectly balancing pocketability and screen size.

  • Color Story: Express your style with a wide array of colors and customize your cover screen, making your phone an extension of your unique vibe.

  • Ecosystem Integration (Galaxy Watch): Coordinate your Galaxy Watch seamlessly with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Unlocked in LA. Stay updated on notifications and track your workout right from your wrist.

  • Ecosystem Integration (Galaxy Buds): Sync music to your ears by pairing your Galaxy Z Flip 4 with Galaxy Buds. Stay connected, receive notifications, and enjoy your playlists or podcasts on the go.

  • Durability: Built to withstand the test of fun, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Unlocked in LA features innovative folding technology, a metal frame, and a Gorilla Glass exterior to resist drops and scratches.

  • IPX8¹ Water Resistance: Ready for life's splashes, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 comes with IPX8 water resistance, protecting against expected and unexpected water exposure.

  • Low-Light Camera/Night Mode: Take back the night with Night Mode, capturing incredible photos in the dark, whether you're exploring the city or camping under the stars.

  • Screen Customization: Make your phone uniquely yours with customizable cover screen widgets and colors, ensuring your Galaxy Z Flip 4 matches your mood.

  • Quick Shot Camera: Capture epic selfies and videos on the go with Quick Shot, keeping your Galaxy Z Flip 4 conveniently compact while previewing shots on the cover screen.

  • Smart Switch: Seamlessly transfer your content with Smart Switch, making the switch to your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Unlocked in LA easy and ensuring you have all your important data at your fingertips.

  • Super Fast Charging: Power up at the speed of life with Super Fast Charging², getting your Galaxy Z Flip 4 ready to go instantly.

  • Reliable Battery Life: The reliable battery of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 ensures your device is always up and running, capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments and staying ready for the unexpected.

Please Note:

  • Water Resistance: The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Unlocked in LA boasts an IPX8 rating, making it resistant to water up to 5 feet for 30 minutes. It is not advised for beach or pool use and is not dust or sand resistant.

  • Charging: Fast charger (25W) available separately. For best results, please use cords and chargers that Samsung has approved.

Elevate your smartphone experience with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Unlocked in LA. Order online from Mojo Computers and embrace the future of mobile technology!