SmallRig Camera Cage for Sony a7S III


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SmallRig Camera Cage for Sony a7S III

Unlock the full potential of your Sony a7S III with the SmallRig Camera Cage in LA, available for online purchase at Mojo Computers. Crafted with precision, this lightweight and formfitting aluminum cage redefines your filmmaking experience by offering a perfect balance of protection and versatility.

Key Features:

  • Formfitting Camera Cage for Sony a7S III: The SmallRig Camera Cage in LA is exclusively designed to provide a snug fit for the Sony a7S III, ensuring maximum protection without compromising accessibility to essential functions.

  • Maintains Access to Camera's Hot Shoe: Retain full access to your camera's hot shoe, allowing seamless attachment of external accessories such as microphones, lights, or external monitors.

  • 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Accessory Threads: Explore creative possibilities with multiple accessory threads, including 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16. Conveniently attach a variety of accessories, from handles and mounts to additional lighting equipment.

  • ARRI-Style Accessory Threads: Benefit from the stability and reliability of ARRI-style accessory threads, preventing unwanted accessory movement or twisting when securely attached to the cage.

  • NATO Rail: Enhance your rig with the integrated NATO rail, providing a versatile attachment point for compatible accessories like handles, grips, or monitors.

Effortless Installation:

Seamless mounting onto the cage using an integrated 1/4"-20 screw ensures a secure connection without sacrificing convenience, allowing you to focus on your creative process.

Anti-Twist Design with Base Padding:

The cage incorporates an anti-twist design, delivering additional stability to prevent unwanted movement. The inclusion of base padding ensures the camera is protected from scratches, maintaining the pristine condition of your equipment.

Elevate your filmmaking endeavors with the SmallRig Camera Cage for Sony a7S III in LA. Order now from Mojo Computers to experience the perfect blend of protection and versatility in camera rigging. Craft your ideal setup with SmallRig, where innovation meets precision. Transform your creative visions into reality with confidence and ease.