AV PRO CFexpress XT | 1 PACK


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AV PRO CFexpress XT | 1 PACK

Unleash the potential for extended endurance and superior sustained write speeds with the AV PRO CFexpress XT | 1 PACK, now available for online purchase from Mojo Computers. This memory card from Angelbird is meticulously crafted for demanding projects, including live broadcasts, single-take film productions, complex shoots, nature films, and documentary interviews.

Key Features:

  • Extended Endurance: Tailored for projects requiring extended endurance, the AV PRO CFexpress XT | 1 PACK in LA delivers reliable performance in high-pressure filming scenarios.

  • Greater Sustained Write Speeds: Experience superior sustained write speeds, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted recording for projects that demand precision and efficiency.

  • Ideal for High Bitrate Files: Perfectly suited for high bitrate files, this memory card excels in capturing and storing data-intensive content with precision and clarity.

  • Uncompressed Raw Resolutions up to 12K: Unlock the full potential of your camera with support for uncompressed raw resolutions up to 12K, delivering exceptional image quality and detail.

  • Precision Recording: The AV PRO CFexpress XT | 1 PACK in LA ensures precision recording, allowing you to capture every moment with accuracy and reliability, essential for critical productions.

  • Perfect for Live Broadcasts: Excel in live broadcast scenarios where reliability and sustained performance are paramount, ensuring a seamless and professional broadcasting experience.

  • Single-Take Film Productions: Ideal for single-take film productions, this memory card facilitates uninterrupted recording, capturing the essence of every scene without compromise.

  • Versatile Application: From complex shoots to nature films and documentary interviews, the AV PRO CFexpress XT adapts to diverse filming environments, providing consistent and superior performance.

Elevate your filming experience with the AV PRO CFexpress XT | 1 PACK in LA. Purchase this advanced memory card online from Mojo Computers and harness the power of precision recording for your high bitrate files and uncompressed raw resolutions up to 12K.