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Immerse yourself in the exceptional durability and advanced features of the AV PRO SD MK2 V60 | 1 PACK from Angelbird, now conveniently available for purchase online at Mojo Computers. Crafted to withstand the harshest conditions, this UHS-II SDXC memory card is designed for the adventurous photographer or content creator who demands performance and reliability in extreme scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Extreme Condition Durability: The AV PRO SD MK2 V60 | 1 PACK in LA is purpose-built to thrive in extreme conditions. Whether you're facing water exposure, shocks, x-rays, magnetic fields, or operating in temperatures ranging from -13 to 185°F, this memory card stands resilient to safeguard your valuable data.

  • ECC Data Reliability: Experience a new level of peace of mind with the inclusion of Error-Correction Code (ECC) data reliability. This advanced technology minimizes the risk of data corruption, ensuring the integrity of your content even in challenging shooting environments.

  • Wear Leveling Technology: Maximize the lifespan of your memory card with wear leveling technology. By evenly distributing write and erase cycles across the AV PRO SD MK2 V60 | 1 PACK in LA, this feature prevents premature wear on specific memory cells, promoting long-term reliability.

  • Power Management for Low Usage: Enjoy efficient power management that translates to low power usage. This is especially beneficial for extended shooting sessions and tasks that demand significant resources, allowing you to capture more moments on a single charge.

  • Built-In Write Protect Switch: Guard your valuable content with the built-in write protect switch. This feature adds an extra layer of security, preventing accidental erasure of important data during critical moments.

  • Full Limited Warranty Activation Code: Your purchase includes an activation code for the full limited warranty. This comprehensive coverage ensures that you receive dedicated support and assistance, offering peace of mind for the entirety of the warranty period.

  • Free Software Licenses and Content: Unlock additional value with complimentary software licenses and content. Enhance your creative toolkit with these extras, providing you with resources that complement and elevate your workflow.

Elevate your storage solution to meet the demands of extreme photography and content creation with the AV PRO SD MK2 V60 | 1 PACK in LA Purchase this advanced memory card online from Mojo Computers and experience the durability and cutting-edge features that cater to the needs of professional photographers and content creators in the most challenging environments.