DJI RS 4 Gimbal Stabilizer


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DJI RS 4 Gimbal Stabilizer

Now available at Mojo Computers, the DJI RS 4 Gimbal Stabilizer provides a highly versatile and adaptable tool specifically developed for mirrorless camera users. The RS 4 is an innovative tool for filmmakers and content creators because of its enhanced operation efficiency, built-in vertical shooting capabilities, and vast accessory ecosystem.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and High Load Capacity: The DJI RS 4 supports your small camera system firmly with its 6.6 lb load capacity, and weighs only about 2.4 lb.
  • Teflon-Coated Axes: Throughout filming sessions, Teflon-coated axes minimize friction and improve stability, resulting in smoother balance and operation.
  • Second-Generation Quick-Release Plate Design: With dual-layered quick-release plates, you can mount and balance your camera with ease. Fast transitions to native vertical shooting are made possible by the horizontal plate, and accurate tilt axis changes are made possible by the fine-tuning knob.
  • Second-Generation Automated Axis Locks: Automated axis locks of the second generation allow for easy setup and productive storage. The gimbal minimizes gimbal shake and maximizes efficiency by automatically expanding when powered on and going into sleep mode when powered off.
  • RSA Communication Port: By utilizing the RSA communication port, you may easily incorporate Ronin series accessories into your system, improving control and customization options.
  • Wireless Shutter Control: To save time and effort when filming, use Dual-Mode Bluetooth for wireless shutter control. You can easily control both photo and video shooting straight from the stabilizer.
  • New DJI Focus Pro Motor: Improved focusing speed and control using a dial and joystick can be achieved by combining the new DJI Focus Pro Motor with the RS 4.
  • Integrated Controls: Using the gimbal mode switch, quickly transition between Pan follow, Pan and Tilt follow, and FPV modes. For easy modifications, quickly modify the FPV mode to your tastes. Motion-lapse, track, and panoramic are additional features.
  • Fourth-Gen RS Stabilization Algorithm: This next-generation stabilization algorithm manages low-angle shots, fast-paced movements, and vertical shooting with ease. It also offers improved stability and performance.
  • Auto-Locking OLED Screen: The OLED touchscreen has an auto-lock feature that minimizes accidental switching and saves battery life by displaying a gimbal and moving the joystick at a low brightness while locked.
  • Integrated Monitoring and Control: Make use of the Ronin app or virtual joystick to remotely change the camera's exposure and operate the gimbal for a fully integrated monitoring and control experience.
  • Improved Battery and Quick Charging: Up to 12 hours of additional runtime can be obtained with the simple cartridge shifting and quick charging made possible by the battery grip design. Quick recharges are guaranteed by support for 18W PD fast charging, keeping you energized during your filming sessions.

The DJI RS 4 Gimbal Stabilizer, which you can get online at Mojo Computers, can improve your filming capabilities. With advanced capabilities, outstanding steadiness, and smooth control, you may record filming experiences that are on par with those of professionals.