DJI RS 4 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer


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DJI RS 4 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer

The DJI RS 4 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer, which is currently available at Mojo Computers, offers the most advanced stabilizing technology. The RS 4 Pro is an innovation for mirrorless camera shooters, designed for greater operational effectiveness, native vertical shooting, and broader accessory compatibility.

Key Features

  • High Loading Capacity and Compact: The DJI RS 4 Pro weighs just 2.74 lb and offers a fantastic 10 lb weight capacity, making it excellent for holding smaller camera builds while retaining superb stabilization.
  • Teflon-Coated Axes: Teflon-coated axes lessen friction while enabling better balance and operation, making the shot easy and shake-free.
  • The second generation Quick-Release Plate Design: The dual-layered quick-release plates enable users to effortlessly mount and balance their camera. Quick transitions to native vertical shooting can be made practicable via the newly built horizontal plate, and precise tilt axis modifications are provided by the fine-tuning knob.
  • Second-Generation Automated Axis Locks: The automatic axis locks unlock in a matter of seconds after they are turned on, allowing for simple installation and efficient storage. The axes seamlessly lock and go into sleep mode when the device is turned off, increasing efficiency and minimizing gimbal shake.
  • RSA Communication Port: You can quickly add Ronin series accessories to the settings by using the RSA communication port. This makes it possible to improve control and personalize shooting settings.
  • Wireless Shutter Control: During shooting sessions, time and effort can be saved with the use of Dual-Mode Bluetooth compatibility. You can easily control both taking pictures and videos right from the stabilizer.
  • Updated ActiveTrack Pro: Use the next-generation ActiveTrack Pro for precise and responsive tracking. Your shooting precision will increase as you monitor or frame the subject immediately on the OLED touchscreen.
  • Car Mount Mode: Using the new car mount mode, you can optimize stabilization for wind resistance and vehicle vibrations, ensuring consistent capture in difficult situations.
  • Fourth-Gen RS Stabilization Algorithm: Featuring the fourth-generation RS stabilization algorithm, you can effortlessly manage low-angle shots, fast-paced movements, and vertical shooting while enjoying increased stability and power.
  • OLED touchscreen with auto-lock: This function prevents inadvertent switching and saves battery life by showing a gimbal and a joystick that moves at a reduced brightness while locked.
  • Integrated Monitoring and Control: For a full monitoring and control experience, use the Ronin app or virtual joystick to remotely change the camera's exposure and operate the gimbal.
  • Improved Battery and Quick Charging: The battery grip's cartridge design makes quick charging and simple battery switching possible. Take advantage of a longer duration of up to 13 hours and continue to film virtually endlessly.

The DJI RS 4 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer can help you shoot superior footage. It can be purchased online at Mojo Computers. Enjoy shooting at a higher level by utilizing innovative features and outstanding stability for performances that match those achieved by a pro.