Heybike Brawn All-terrain Fat Tire e-Bike


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Meet the Brawn for the most agile
ride you could ever imagine.



HeyBike Brawn

All-terrain, Built for Adventure



  • 750 W Motor
  • 48V 18Ah Battery
  • 4-5 Hours Charge Time 
  • 65 Miles Max Range
  • Class 3 Speed


Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Provides a better braking effect in any condition. Improve your riding safety, stability and steerability. The braking distance with hydraulic brakes is on average 50% shorter than that with mechanical brakes.


Hydraulic Suspension Front Fork

Upgraded hydraulic suspension reduces frame vibration when riding on rough roads. Make the ride more stable, more comfortable, and easier to control, allowing you confidently to handle any terrain.



Hydraulic Seatpost

The seat height can be easily adjusted with changing terrain, allowing you to quickly adjust your riding center of gravity on climbs or descents. At Each height lift freely with moderate lifting speed and easy to maintain.



Removable Battery & Fast Charger

846Wh battery capacity provides a range of up to 65 miles with pedal assist. Plus 4A fast charger, never get caught with a drained battery.


Adaptive Headlight

With auto-on feature, help better illuminate the roadway, which can automatically sense the surroundings, and turn on sensitively in darker conditions.

Dual Crown Fork

Motorcycle-style double-shoulder design, an awesome appearance.