Heybike Explore Fat Tire For Adventures


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Heybike Explore Fat Tire For Adventures

Experience the breathtaking off-road excitement of mountains and forests on a Heybike Explore Fat tire in LA for Adventures. When you buy online from Mojo Computers, you'll get the durability, strength, and exceptional design that will change the way you enjoy outdoor activities.


Key Features:

  • 26" x 4" Resistant Fat Tire: These massive 26" x 4" fat tires let you easily navigate over shocks and obstacles while maintaining a steady speed and stable ride for your adventurous activities.
  • 750W Motor: Conquer challenging terrains with the powerful 750W motor that delivers exceptional riding performance, making every adventure memorable.
  • 48V 20Ah Battery: Fuel your exploration with the 48V 20Ah removable battery, providing ample power and range for extended journeys. Easy to charge and replace for uninterrupted adventures.
  • Class 3 Speed: Enjoy swift rides with Class 3 Speed capabilities, offering an extra boost for seamless cruising on various terrains.
  • 6-7 Hours Charging Time: Quickly recharge and get back on the trail with a charging time of 6-7 hours, minimizing downtime between your outdoor excursions.
  • 70 Miles Max Range: Experience the freedom to explore with a remarkable maximum range of 70 miles, ensuring you can cover vast distances on your adventures.
  • 400 Lbs Max Load: The Heybike Explore Fat tire in LA is designed to carry a maximum load of 400 lbs, providing sturdy support for riders of various sizes.


Exceptional Riding Performance:

  • Perfect Dual Disc Brakes: Ensure your safety with the perfect dual disc brakes that provide excellent braking performance, offering enhanced control and stability.
  • Lighting System: Illuminate your path with the advanced lighting system, enhancing visibility during night rides and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.


Convenience and Durability:

  • Removable Battery: Easily release the 48V 20Ah removable battery for convenient charging at home or in the office, providing a range of up to 55 miles (pure electric) or 70 miles (pedal-assist).
  • Sturdy Step-Thru Frame: Designed with the popular step-thru frame, it makes it easy to lift your leg over the e-bike and ensures a comfortable riding experience.


Efficient Brushless Motor:

  • Upgraded 750W Motor: Enjoy an efficient and powerful ride with the upgraded 750W motor featuring 1-5 level PAS modes, allowing you to handle different road conditions with ease.

Whether you're sightseeing in a town or exploring uncharted backroads, the Heybike Explore with its multiple modes brings you extraordinary passion and versatility for your outdoor adventures. Purchase Heybike Explore Fat tire in LA from Mojo Computers online to transform your off-road adventures!