Meike 35mm T2.2 Manual Focus Cinema Lens (MFT Mount)


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Meike 35mm T2.2 Manual Focus Cinema Lens (MFT Mount)

Dive into the world of cinematic creativity with the Meike 35mm T2.2 Manual Focus Cinema Lens, perfectly tailored for Micro Four Thirds (MFT) mount cameras. Available for purchase at Mojo Computers, this cine lens is a versatile choice that promises outstanding performance for high-resolution cine shooting.

Explore its Features:

  • MFT Mount Compatibility: Tailored specifically for Micro Four Thirds mount cameras, ensuring seamless integration for optimal performance and versatility in your filmmaking endeavours.

  • Versatile Focal Length: With a 35mm focal length, this lens proves to be versatile, making it suitable for a diverse range of cinematic applications. Capture scenes with depth and clarity, enhancing your storytelling capabilities.

  • Dual-Scale Focus Marks: The Meike 35mm T2.2 Manual Focus Cinema Lens (MFT Mount) in LA features dual-scale focus marks in both feet and meters, offering flexibility for filmmakers who have a preference for either measurement unit. This thoughtful design enhances ease of use during focus adjustments.

  • Dual-Sided Markings: Discover convenience with focus and iris marks placed on both sides of the lens. This allows for quick reference and adjustments from various angles, providing flexibility in your shooting setup.

  • Built-in Gears: Equipped with built-in focus and iris gears, the lens ensures compatibility with standard cine accessories. Seamlessly integrate with professional gear, enhancing your filmmaking experience.

  • Extended Focus Throw: Enjoy precise control over focus with a 270° focus throw, offering an extended range for intricate and accurate focus adjustments. This feature is essential for achieving the desired composition in your cinematic projects.

Elevate your cinematography with the Meike 35mm T2.2 Manual Focus Cinema Lens (MFT Mount) in LA. Purchase this versatile cine lens online from Mojo Computers and unlock a realm of creative possibilities in your filmmaking endeavours.