Meike Manual Focus Cinema Lens (MFT Mount)


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Meike Manual Focus Cinema Lens (MFT Mount)

Elevate your filmmaking experience with the Meike Manual Focus Cinema Lens, designed with a bright MFT mount cine prime, specifically tailored for high-resolution cine cameras. Purchase this versatile lens online at Mojo Computers and enjoy unparalleled control over your cinematic storytelling.

Key Features:

  • Bright MFT Mount Cine Prime: The Meike Manual Focus Cinema Lens boasts a bright MFT mount Cine Prime design, providing exceptional versatility for your filmmaking endeavours. It's the perfect companion for high-resolution cine cameras, ensuring stunning visual results.

  • T2.2 Maximum Aperture: With a wide T2.2 maximum aperture, this lens excels in challenging lighting conditions. Enjoy increased control over depth of field, allowing you to capture cinematic scenes with precision and clarity.

  • Multilayer Coating for Enhanced Performance: The Meike Manual Focus Cinema Lens (MFT Mount) in LA features a multilayer coating that effectively reduces flare and ghosting in harsh lighting conditions. This enhancement contributes to greater contrast and colour accuracy, ensuring your footage stands out with vivid details.

  • Manual Focus for Precision: Take control of your focus with the manual focus capability of this lens. The printed focusing scale aids in precise focusing techniques, giving you the freedom to tailor each shot to your creative vision.

  • Close Focusing Capability: Capture intricate details with the lens's ability to focus on subjects as close as 9.8". Whether you're shooting intimate scenes or dynamic close-ups, this lens empowers you to bring your subjects into sharp focus.

Experience the art of filmmaking with the Meike Manual Focus Cinema Lens (MFT Mount) in LA online from Mojo Computers and bring your cinematic vision to life with unrivalled clarity and control.