Nanlite Para 120 Softbox with Bowens Mount (47in)


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Nanlite Para 120 Softbox with Bowens Mount (47in)

Immerse your photographic or cinematic subjects in a world of radiant light with the Nanlite Para 120 Softbox, a 47-inch lighting marvel featuring a Bowens Mount for seamless integration into your creative setup. Available for purchase at Mojo Computers, this 16-sided softbox goes beyond the ordinary, redefining your lighting experience with its unique design and unparalleled features.

Key Features:

  • 16-Sided Softbox Design: The Nanlite Para 120 Softbox with Bowens Mount (47in) in LA stands out with its distinctive 16-sided design, a departure from conventional softboxes. This design innovation transforms the quality of light, delivering a more natural and even illumination that enhances the visual appeal of your subjects.

  • Deep Parabolic Structure: Imbue your subjects with a captivating glow using the deep parabolic structure of the softbox. This design not only creates a wrap-around quality of light but also ensures uniform illumination, flattering your subjects and providing a visually pleasing aesthetic.

  • Bowens Mount Compatibility: The Nanlite Para 120 Softbox with Bowens Mount (47in) in LA features a Bowens Mount, offering seamless compatibility with your existing lighting setup. This versatility allows you to effortlessly pair it with a range of lights and modifiers, expanding your creative possibilities and adapting to the demands of diverse shooting scenarios.

  • Even Lighting and Directional Control: Revel in the beauty of even lighting with a natural-looking wrap-around quality that leaves your subjects perfectly illuminated. The deep parabolic design not only achieves uniform light distribution but also enhances directional control, providing the precision required to realize your creative vision.

Elevate your photography or videography with the Nanlite Para 120 Softbox with Bowens Mount (47in) in LA. Secure your online purchase from Mojo Computers and experience the brilliance of its 16-sided design, deep parabolic structure, and Bowens Mount compatibility—a trifecta of features designed to redefine your lighting capabilities and add a touch of magic to every shot.