Nanlite Para 90 Quick-Open Softbox with Bowens Mount (35in)


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Nanlite Para 90 Quick-Open Softbox with Bowens Mount (35in)

Revolutionize your lighting setup with the Nanlite Para 90 Quick-Open Softbox, featuring a convenient Bowens Mount (35in), available for purchase online at Mojo Computers. This meticulously crafted 16-sided softbox is engineered to redefine your lighting experience, ensuring even illumination with captivating wrap-around quality and natural-looking catchlights. Dive into the comprehensive features that make the Nanlite Para 90 an indispensable addition to your creative toolkit:

Key Features:

  • Quick-Open Design: The Nanlite Para 90 Quick-Open Softbox with Bowens Mount (35in) in LA boasts a revolutionary quick-open design, streamlining the setup process for efficient and hassle-free preparation. Spend less time assembling your gear and more time capturing stunning images or footage.

  • 16-Sided Softbox Structure: Experience the exceptional 16-sided design, setting the Para 90 apart from conventional softboxes. This innovative structure enhances the quality of light, providing a unique and visually appealing wrap-around effect for your subjects.

  • Deep Parabolic Structure: Immerse your subjects in a deep parabolic structure that guarantees not only uniform illumination but also a visually pleasing wrap-around effect. This design of the Nanlite Para 90 Quick-Open Softbox with Bowens Mount (35in) in LA feature enhances the overall visual appeal of your images or videos, adding a touch of sophistication to your work.

  • Bowens Mount Compatibility: The included Bowens Mount ensures seamless compatibility with a variety of lights and modifiers in your existing setup. This versatility opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing you to experiment with different lighting configurations.

  • Included Front Diffusers: Tailor your lighting precisely to your needs with the included 1-Stop and 2-Stop front diffusers. These diffusers offer flexibility in achieving the desired intensity of light, providing creative control for various shooting scenarios.

  • Quick-Open Speedring: The Bowens Mount Quick-Open Speedring further contributes to the softbox's user-friendly design. This feature simplifies the setup process, making the Nanlite Para 90 Quick-Open Softbox with Bowens Mount (35in) in LA a practical and efficient tool in your photography or videography toolkit.

  • Convenient Carry Bag: Safely transport and store your Para 90 Softbox with the included carry bag. This ensures that your powerful lighting tool is always ready for on-the-go use, whether you're in the studio or on location.

Transform your lighting capabilities with the Nanlite Para 90 Quick-Open Softbox with Bowens Mount (35in) in LA. Secure your online purchase from Mojo Computers and introduce a perfect blend of quick and easy setup with the exceptional quality of light that defines the Nanlite Para series. Elevate your creative projects with this versatile softbox that combines innovation, functionality, and portability.