Rokinon Cine DS 85, 100, 135mm Lens Kit (EF Mount)


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Rokinon Cine DS 85, 100, 135mm Lens Kit (EF Mount)

Immerse yourself in the world of professional cinematography with the Rokinon Cine DS 85, 100, 135mm Lens Kit, available for effortless online purchase from Mojo Computers. This meticulously curated kit features three lenses with EF mounts, providing a seamless integration of creative control and optical excellence for your filmmaking endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Cine DS 85mm T1.5 Lens: Capture intimate portraits and scenes with the Cine DS 85mm T1.5 lens. Its wide aperture allows for excellent low-light performance and striking depth of field, delivering a cinematic touch to your shots.

  • Cine DS 100mm T3.1 Macro Lens: Explore the intricacies of macro cinematography with the Cine DS 100mm T3.1 Macro lens. This lens adds versatility to your Rokinon Cine DS 85, 100, 135mm Lens Kit (EF Mount) in LA, allowing you to capture detailed close-ups with precision and clarity.

  • Cine DS 135mm T2.2 Lens: Achieve cinematic excellence with the Cine DS 135mm T2.2 lens. This telephoto lens offers a unique perspective, ideal for capturing distant subjects and achieving beautiful background compression.

  • Shared Focus and Iris Ring Positions: Experience consistent operability across all lenses with shared focus and iris ring positions. This design ensures a seamless transition between focal lengths, providing a smooth and intuitive workflow on set.

  • Multi-Layer Coated: Elevate your image quality with multi-layer coating technology. This feature of the Rokinon Cine DS 85, 100, 135mm Lens Kit (EF Mount) in LA enhances light transmission, minimizes flare, and delivers crisp, high-contrast images, ensuring your footage meets the highest standards of visual excellence.

  • Color Matched: Maintain a consistent visual aesthetic with color-matched lenses. This thoughtful design choice ensures a uniform look across all three lenses, allowing for seamless transitions between shots and a professional finish to your entire project.

  • Dual-Side Focus and T-Stop Scales: Enhance your operational efficiency with dual-side markings for both focus and T-stop values. This intuitive design simplifies adjustments, providing accuracy and precision throughout your filmmaking process.

  • De-Clicked Aperture Ring: Enjoy smooth and silent aperture adjustments with the de-clicked aperture ring. This feature allows for seamless transitions between settings during filming, adding a professional touch to your footage.

  • Manual Focus and Aperture: Take full control of your shots with manual focus and aperture controls. This feature empowers you to craft your scenes with precision, ensuring that every frame tells a compelling and visually stunning story.

Expand your creative possibilities with the Rokinon Cine DS 85, 100, 135mm Lens Kit (EF Mount) in LA. Order now from Mojo Computers and embark on a cinematic journey where every frame is a testament to your artistic vision and technical prowess.