Rokinon Cine DS 85, 100, 135mm Lens Kit (E Mount)


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Rokinon Cine DS 85, 100, 135mm Lens Kit (E Mount)

Discover the art of filmmaking with precision and creativity using the Rokinon Cine DS Lens Kit, featuring three exceptional lenses tailored for E-mount cameras. Purchase this professional lens kit conveniently online from Mojo Computers and elevate your cinematography to new heights.

Key Features:

  • Cine DS 85mm T1.5 Lens: Immerse yourself in the world of cinematic storytelling with the Cine DS 85mm T1.5 Lens. Its wide aperture allows for stunning low-light performance, while the de-clicked aperture ring and dual-side focus and T-stop scales provide seamless control over your compositions.

  • Cine DS 100mm T3.1 Macro Lens: Explore the intricacies of macro filmmaking with the Cine DS 100mm T3.1 Macro Lens. This lens not only offers superb close-up capabilities but also shares the same focus and iris ring positions as the other lenses in the kit, ensuring consistent control across your cinematic arsenal.

  • Cine DS 135mm T2.2 Lens: Expand your creative possibilities with the Cine DS 135mm T2.2 Lens. This lens delivers exceptional telephoto capabilities, allowing you to capture distant subjects with clarity and precision. With shared focus and iris ring positions, seamless integration with the Rokinon Cine DS 85, 100, 135mm Lens Kit (E Mount) in LA is guaranteed.

  • Shared Focus and Iris Ring Positions: Achieve a seamless transition between lenses as all three in this kit share the same focus and iris ring positions. This shared design enhances your workflow, enabling effortless adjustments and fostering creativity across different focal lengths.

  • Multi-Layer Coated: Benefit from enhanced image quality and reduced flare with the multi-layer coated optics of each lens. This feature of the Rokinon Cine DS 85, 100, 135mm Lens Kit (E Mount) in LA ensures crisp and clear visuals, allowing you to capture every detail with precision.

  • Color Matched: Maintain consistent color reproduction throughout your footage with the color-matched characteristics of the lenses. This ensures a cohesive and professional look, whether you're using one lens or the entire kit.

  • Dual-Side Focus and T-Stop Scales: Experience enhanced precision with dual-side scales for both focus and T-stop, facilitating quick and accurate adjustments. This feature ensures a standardized approach to your cinematography, streamlining your workflow.

  • De-Clicked Aperture Ring: Enjoy smooth and silent aperture adjustments during filming with the de-clicked aperture ring. This feature eliminates audible clicks, allowing for seamless transitions in your footage without distracting noise.

  • Manual Focus and Aperture Control: Take complete control of your compositions with manual focus and aperture control. This hands-on approach empowers you to tailor each shot to your creative vision, making the Rokinon Cine DS 85, 100, 135mm Lens Kit (E Mount) in LA an essential tool for filmmakers.

This kit not only provides a trio of exceptional lenses but also lays the foundation for future expansion. With shared design elements, you can seamlessly build upon this kit to meet the evolving demands of your cinematic endeavors. Order the Rokinon Cine DS 85, 100, 135mm Lens Kit (E Mount) in LA  online from Mojo Computers and embark on a cinematic journey where creativity knows no bounds.