Rokinon SP 35mm f/1.2 Lens for Canon EF


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Rokinon SP 35mm f/1.2 Lens for Canon EF

Elevate your photography with the Rokinon SP 35mm f/1.2 Lens for Canon EF, available for purchase online at Mojo Computers. This lens is a perfect combination of versatility and brilliance, designed to enhance your everyday shooting experience.

Key Features:

  • EF-Mount Lens/Full-Frame Format: Tailored for Canon EF-mount cameras, this Rokinon SP 35mm f/1.2 Lens in LA is optimized for full-frame format, ensuring seamless integration with your Canon gear for optimal performance.

  • Wide Aperture Range: Capture stunning images in various lighting conditions with an impressive aperture range from f/1.2 to f/16. The wide aperture allows for exceptional low-light performance and creative control over depth of field.

  • Advanced Optical Construction: Featuring Two Aspherical Elements, One ED Element, and Three High Refractive Index Elements, this lens minimizes aberrations and distortion. Enjoy sharp, high-contrast images with enhanced color accuracy for a truly immersive visual experience.

  • Ultra Multi-Coating: Benefit from the Ultra Multi-Coating, which reduces Rokinon SP 35mm f/1.2 Lens for Canon EF in LA flare and ghosting, ensuring optimal light transmission and vivid color reproduction. This lens is designed to deliver consistently excellent image quality.

  • Manual Focus Design: Take control of your focus with the manual focus design. Perfect for enthusiasts and professionals alike, the manual focus allows for precise adjustments, ensuring you capture every moment with accuracy and intention.

  • Durable Aluminum Lens Housing: The Rokinon SP 35mm f/1.2 Lens for Canon EF in LA is housed in a robust and lightweight aluminum construction, providing durability without compromising on weight. This makes it a reliable and portable companion for your photography adventures.

  • Nine-Blade Diaphragm: Create a beautiful, natural-looking bokeh with the nine-blade diaphragm. Achieve a pleasing background blur that adds a professional touch to your images.

  • Favored Focal Length: With a focal length of 35mm, this lens is a favored choice for everyday shooting. Capture a wide range of scenes, from landscapes to street photography, with the versatility this focal length offers.

Experience the brilliance of the Rokinon SP 35mm f/1.2 Lens for Canon EF in LA. Order online from Mojo Computers and discover a lens that combines everyday versatility with impressive brightness, allowing you to elevate your photography to new heights.