Rokinon Xeen 16mm T2.6 Lens (Canon EF)


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Rokinon Xeen 16mm T2.6 Lens (Canon EF)

Discover a realm of creative possibilities with the Rokinon Xeen 16mm T2.6 Lens, now available for purchase online from Mojo Computers. Tailor-made for Canon EF-mount cameras, this lens is a cinematic powerhouse, combining cutting-edge features with exceptional performance to redefine your filmmaking experience.

Key Features:

  • Full-Frame Sensor Immersion: Immerse your audience in expansive visuals as the Rokinon Xeen 16mm T2.6 Lens (Canon EF) in LA ensures comprehensive full-frame sensor coverage. Every frame captures rich details and crisp precision, transforming your filmmaking into an immersive visual journey.

  • Optimized for 6K Image Capture: Elevate your imaging capabilities with suitability for 6K image capture. This lens empowers you to achieve unparalleled clarity and detail, allowing every frame to tell a compelling and visually stunning story.

  • Internal Focus Innovation: Experience seamless focusing without altering the lens's size, courtesy of the internal focus design. This cutting-edge feature minimizes the visual impact of breathing, providing a smooth and professional appearance during focus adjustments.

  • Versatile with Additional Mount Options: Enhance your filmmaking versatility with the availability of additional mounts. This Rokinon Xeen 16mm T2.6 Lens (Canon EF) in LA seamlessly adapts to various camera systems, offering flexibility and convenience for filmmakers with diverse equipment.

  • Multi-Coating for Consistent Color Reproduction: Elevate your color grading precision with advanced multi-coating technology. This ensures consistent color reproduction, delivering vibrant and true-to-life hues in every frame, enhancing the overall visual impact of your footage.

  • Dual Side Focus and T-Stop Scales: Streamline your filmmaking workflow with the convenience of dual side markings for both focus and T-stop values. This intuitive design simplifies adjustments, providing accuracy and precision to meet the demands of your creative process.

  • Cinema-Grade Gearing for Focus and Iris Control: Seamlessly integrate into your cinematic setup with cinema-grade gearing for both focus and iris controls. This tactile precision empowers you with complete control over your shots, meeting the high standards of professional filmmaking.

  • Extensive 200° Focus Rotation: Perfect your focus with an extensive 200° rotation, allowing for precise adjustments to achieve the perfect shot. Whether capturing subtle details or orchestrating a dramatic focus pull, this Rokinon Xeen 16mm T2.6 Lens (Canon EF) in LA provides the control needed for your creative vision.

  • Standardized 114mm Front Diameter: Ensure compatibility with a range of accessories with the standardized 114mm front diameter. This thoughtful design choice adds versatility to your setup, enabling experimentation with different creative possibilities.

Elevate your filmmaking prowess with the Rokinon Xeen 16mm T2.6 Lens (Canon EF) in LA. Secure your lens today from Mojo Computers and embark on a cinematic journey where every frame is a testament to your creative vision and precision.