Rokinon 16mm T2.6 Full Frame Cine DS Lens (Canon EF Mount)


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Rokinon 16mm T2.6 Full Frame Cine DS Lens (Canon EF Mount)

Enhance your filmmaking arsenal with the Rokinon 16mm T2.6 Full-Frame Cine DS Lens designed for Canon EF Mount. Purchase this cinematic lens online from Mojo Computers and elevate your visual storytelling capabilities. Explore the key features that make this lens a stellar choice for filmmakers:

Key Features:

  • Super Wide-Angle 16mm Lens: Unleash the power of a super wide-angle perspective with the 16mm focal length, capturing expansive scenes and dynamic shots. Ideal for immersive storytelling and creative cinematography.

  • Full-Frame Coverage: Experience uncompromised performance with full-frame coverage, ensuring compatibility with a variety of Canon EF-mount cameras. Achieve outstanding image quality across the entire frame.

  • Multi-Layer Coating Reduces Flare: The multi-layer coating minimizes flare, allowing you to capture crisp and contrast-rich images even in challenging lighting conditions. Consistently rendered colours ensure a cohesive visual style when using multiple lenses.

  • Standard Focus and Iris Gearing: Seamlessly integrate into professional video setups with standard gearing for both focus and iris controls. This Rokinon 16mm T2.6 Full Frame Cine DS Lens (Canon EF Mount) in LA is designed to work seamlessly with follow-focus systems, providing precise control over your cinematic vision.

  • Color Matches Cine DS Lenses: Ensure visual consistency in your filmmaking projects by pairing this lens with other Cine DS lenses. The colour matching ensures a seamless transition between shots, contributing to a polished and professional final product.

  • Smooth, Clickless Aperture Ring: Enjoy a clickless aperture ring for smooth and silent adjustments during filming. This feature eliminates audible clicks, allowing for uninterrupted audio recording—a critical aspect of professional filmmaking.

  • Dual-Sided Focus and T-Stop Marks: Benefit from dual-sided markings for both focus and T-stop, enhancing visibility and ease of use during your filmmaking process. Achieve precise and repeatable settings for efficient workflow.

  • Hybrid Aspherical Lens Elements: Elevate your optical performance with hybrid aspherical lens elements, contributing to reduced optical aberrations and improved image clarity. Capture stunning visuals with minimal distortion.

  • Manual Focus and Aperture: Take creative control of your shots with manual focus and aperture adjustments. This hands-on approach allows filmmakers to fine-tune focus and depth of field according to their artistic vision.

  • Built-In Petal-Type Lens Hood: Protect your Rokinon 16mm T2.6 Full Frame Cine DS Lens (Canon EF Mount) in LA from stray light and flare with the built-in petal-type lens hood. Enhance image quality by preventing unwanted reflections and maintaining optimal contrast.

Invest in the Rokinon 16mm T2.6 Full Frame Cine DS Lens (Canon EF Mount) in LA, available for purchase online from Mojo Computers. Elevate your filmmaking journey with this high-quality cinematic lens.