SmallRig Pix M160 On-Camera RGBWW LED Light


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SmallRig Pix M160 On-Camera RGBWW LED Light

Elevate your creative productions with the SmallRig Pix M160 On-Camera RGBWW LED Light, now available for online purchase from Mojo Computers. Unleash a spectrum of possibilities with its key features that add vibrancy and versatility to your lighting setup.

Key Features:

  • Variable Color Temperature: Seamlessly adjust the color temperature from 2500K to 8500K using the intuitive variable color dial, providing you with complete control over the lighting tone.
  • Full 360° RGB Color Output: Explore a world of creativity with the full 360° RGB color output. Achieve dynamic lighting effects with precision and versatility to enhance the visual impact of your productions.
  • High Color Rendering: With a CRI of 95+, the SmallRig Pix M160 On-Camera RGBWW LED Light in LA ensures accurate and true-to-life colors, capturing the essence of your subjects with exceptional clarity and fidelity.
  • Lighting FX Options: Choose from 12 different lighting effects, including Fade, Strobe, Pulse, Police Car, Fireworks, and more. These effects add a dynamic element to your lighting setup, allowing you to create captivating visuals effortlessly.
  • Integrated Power Bank: The built-in 3800mAh battery doubles as a power bank, providing you with on-the-go charging capabilities for your devices, ensuring you stay powered and connected during your shoots.
  • Mounting Versatility: Utilize the included shoe adapter, 1/4"-20 threads, and magnets for versatile mounting options. Secure the SmallRig Pix M160 On-Camera RGBWW LED Light in LA effortlessly to various surfaces and accessories to achieve the desired lighting angles.
  • User-Friendly Controls: Enjoy easy dimming, hue, and saturation controls, allowing you to fine-tune the lighting parameters according to your creative vision.
  • Compact and Portable: Featuring 160 high-quality LEDs, the Pix M160 is compact and lightweight, making it an ideal on-the-go lighting solution for both indoor and outdoor shooting environments.
  • LCD Status Display: Stay informed about your light settings with the LCD status display, providing real-time feedback for precise control over your lighting conditions.
  • Power Input Options: Choose your preferred power source with the USB Type-C power input, ensuring flexibility in powering the Pix M160 according to your shooting requirements.
  • Accessory Inclusions: The package of the SmallRig Pix M160 On-Camera RGBWW LED Light in LA includes a honeycomb grid and diffuser, offering further control over the light spread and diffusion. Additionally, the kit comes complete with a shoe mount, cable, and a convenient carry bag for easy transport and storage.
Add a burst of color and versatility to your lighting toolkit with the SmallRig Pix M160 On-Camera RGBWW LED Light in LA. Purchase this innovative lighting solution online from Mojo Computers and redefine the visual impact of your productions with dynamic and vibrant lighting setups.