Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S PRO Handheld Stabilizer


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Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S PRO Handheld Stabilizer

Unleash the full potential of your filmmaking endeavors with the Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S PRO, a cutting-edge handheld stabilizer available for online purchase at Mojo Computers. Redesigned and enhanced, this gimbal stands at the forefront of Zhiyun's technology, offering a host of features tailored to the needs of professional filmmakers seeking top-tier stability and versatility.

Key Features:

  • 14.3 lb Payload, PowerPlus Battery Pack: Elevate your creative possibilities with the CRANE 3S PRO's impressive 14.3 lb payload capacity. This allows you to use a wide range of camera setups, from compact mirrorless cameras to larger professional rigs. The inclusion of the PowerPlus Battery Pack ensures extended shooting sessions without interruption.

  • Redesigned Detachable SmartSling Handle: Enjoy enhanced flexibility with the redesigned detachable SmartSling Handle. This feature allows you to customize your gimbal setup for optimal comfort and control, ensuring that the Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S PRO Handheld Stabilizer in LA adapts to your unique shooting preferences.

  • Zoom and Focus Controllers, Transmitter: Take command of your shots with precision using the professional zoom and focus controllers. The CRANE 3S PRO empowers you with fine control over your camera's zoom and focus functions, enhancing your ability to capture cinematic footage. Additionally, the included transmitter provides convenient wireless operation.

  • Updated Axis Locking System: Benefit from the updated axis-locking system, ensuring secure and stable positioning for your camera. This feature of the Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S PRO Handheld Stabilizer in LA minimizes unwanted movements and vibrations during shooting, allowing you to achieve smooth and professional-looking footage with ease.

Advanced Features:

  • Wireless Video Transmission: Enjoy the convenience of wireless video transmission, providing real-time monitoring and control over your footage. This advanced feature enhances your workflow and allows for seamless collaboration on set.

  • External Battery Option: Extend your shooting sessions with the external battery option. The Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S PRO Handheld Stabilizer in LA accommodates an external battery, providing additional power for extended projects and ensuring that you never miss a crucial moment.

  • Wide Camera Compatibility: The gimbal's versatility shines as it accommodates a wide range of camera sizes. Utilize a separately available extension module to extend the horizontal arm, positioned at a 55° angle, ensuring compatibility with various camera setups.

Elevate your filmmaking endeavors with the Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S PRO Handheld Stabilizer in LA designed for professionals who demand excellence. Purchase this state-of-the-art gimbal online now from Mojo Computers and embark on a journey of unparalleled stability, versatility, and creative expression in every frame.